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Bugaboo International B.V. is a Dutch design company that makes parental products such as pushchairs for infants and toddlers. Bugaboo have been at the forefront of stroller innovation since they started in 1999 and continue to invent, develop, test and manufacture products that combine beautiful design with long-lasting functionality.

A former employee in sales mentioned, "Bugaboo was a waste of career time. The brand is more established in the public opinion then the reality of the corporate operations and structure. Internationally they are more organized then in the US. High turnover in all roles leaves for disarray and lack of anything being completed. Interweaving of management relationships personal & professional makes going to human resources pointless."


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Sales (Former Employee) says

"The brand is more established in the public opinion then the reality of the corporate operations and structure. Internationally they are more organized then in the US. High turnover in all roles leaves for disarray and lack of anything being completed. Interweaving of management relationships personal & professional makes going to human resources pointless.International sales meetingsRacial Discrimination HR mess"

Administratief medewerker (Former Employee) says

"mijn eerste data entry bedrijf. Leuk bedrijf de data entry vond ik wel moeilijk in het begin maar verders een goed bedrijf"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Depending on which department you work for and leadership within the department you can have either a good or bad experience. Working with HQ was a bit difficult in getting them to understand the US market."

Mike says

"It’s been weeks upon weeks & I’m yet to receive any of my orders! The biggest mistake was ordering directly from bugaboo.co.uk There’s no excuse for bad customer service, especially from what I thought was a reputable company! I have disabled children & a newborn, I ordered a list of items directly from bugaboo.co.uk patiently waiting for their arrival so that I could manage taking my family out together, but bugaboo seemed to have different plans, they wanted to create what I call bugaboo lockdown, in other words we can notify you when we feel it’s needed until then you can stay at home, i feel embarrassed to inform my children that they have to stay at home because having no bag no rain cover no organiser and the list goes on..."

Karen says

"The free items gifted to a certain greedy you-tuber is a disgrace.When they quite clearly can afford to pay for their own.Gift even more to someone or some organisation more worthy."

claire says

"We loved our bugaboo fox, but the folding mechanism broke after 8 months of use meaning the pushchair would not lock into place. This meant that it was unsafe to use. We’ve been left over a month with no pushchair, repeatedly lied to and told that the replacement has been shipped when in fact it hasn’t. I was again told yesterday that it was already shipped, and have just received a dpd email informing me an order has been created but not yet shipped. Fed up with lies and poor service. These pushchairs are not cheap, but you do not get any level of customer service from them. Avoid."

Marisa Allan says

"Very disappointed in both the quality of the product and the customer service. I bought a Bugaboo Donkey for more than $1,000. Less than a year later, the wheels shook like they were going to fly off. Had to jump through major hoops with customer service to get replacement part. This happened 3 times in 3 years (I bought this when my son is 1 and daughter was 3 with the expectation to use for sometime. Every year something would break. Now have a newborn, the wheels are broken again and the company will not replace the parts despite having a long record of problems with the stroller. They also intentionally make you jump through unnecessary hoops in an effort to stop you from filing complaints, like providing a receipt for the stroller when you have the warranty registered and requiring that you provide video evidence in only certain formats. Provided on youtube, you can see for yourself there under "defective bugaboo donkey - right wheel""

Steven Chadwick says

"Purchased a bugaboo ant pram recently. My self and my partner were very unhappy with the quality of the pram. The Pram is extremely awkward to fold and the looks are horrendous in person and nothing like the online image, everything about the pram just feels so fragile. For the price paid We would expect a far superior Product. We have complained online to customer services who were very rude and after waiting weeks for a response failed to acknowledge that we think the product is overpriced and of poor quality."

Ivonne E says

"Cancelled my order after waiting for ages saying there was a glitch in the system and they can’t honour that price as the product is apparently out of stock. However it is actually available on their website, but at a new price which they won’t price match. Just what you need when you’re 9 months pregnant."

Matt Webley says

"Save your money and go for a cheaper pram. Our Fox has gone wrong inside 6 months, seriously poor at sorting the issue it now looks like we have to wait 2 months or so for a replacement! Don't go near them, seriously not worth it."

Anon says

"Bad customer Service!!! I emailed directly after having issues with my buffalo (it was coming to the end of it's 2 year warranty & I had registered it for the extra year when purchased) They were terrible... we had ordered and paid for the pram in December but didn't collect until February and they point flat refused to assist stating warranty ran out in the December and I should of registered it online within 3 months of purchase to qualify for the extra year, which I had done. Luckily we bought from an excellent shop who took the matter in hand and have fought our corner with resolving the problems! I expected much more from a company producing such a high end product. Would def recommend buying from a reputable dealer NOT direct from bugaboo!!!"

Emma Brigden says

"Bought the new "top of the range" Bugaboo Fox with a price tag to match and it's broken after just 9 months use. Disgusting - not worth the money at all and Bugaboo refuse to help, just keep referring me back to the retailer who's worse than useless. Its a fault Bugaboo are aware of as on the Fox Mark 2 they've fixed the issue."

Gaz Chadwick says

"Bugaboo pram, had for 14months had to get the handle fixed once by a 3rd party bugaboo recommended. A few weeks later the handle has stopped locking into place and now useless. Stop using cheap plastic parts for the main load bearing items..."

Tom says

"Poor experience with Bugaboo customer service. No problems with individuals who we were in contact with, but the company's delivery policy. We ordered a new part for our Bugaboo -- replacement handle bar locks -- at a cost of around £11. We had a notification of dispatch and a tracker with DPD to follow progress. A couple of days after the parts should have arrived, we checked the tracker to see that it was still in the depot and had not yet arrived in the UK. I made contact with customer service to ask for an update and was told that 'management were looking into it'. 5 days later I hadn't received an update and followed up to be told that colleagues were still looking into it with DPD. I could maybe understand it if it was an entire pushchair, but surely at the point you can see that an £11 replacement part has gone missing with your courier, you sent a new part out straight away and try to get it there as quickly as possible while you sort out the issue with them? I was told it was company policy to investigate before sending and it could take 14 days to hear back from DPD. In the end, it took a whole month from ordering to receiving the part, a mistake we won't be repeating."

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